about my mask1


1,Hello, everybody!
I'm Midori Masukawa.

2, I study about human faces at the university in Tokyo.

3, Don't you think that human faces are wonderful?

4,Reaction to each human face varies as to the times.

5,And we're judged by our appearance for better or worse.

6,Do you mind your looks?
And do you mind plastic surgery?

7, Well, I'll recommend you my...

8,shape memory mask, "Another Face"

9,First,you make your perfect face by a computer,

10, then connect the computer to the mask.
The data is transferred to the mask.

11,The mask has changed you into your perfect face!

12, And you're able to register three faces in a mask.

13,If you register one in three as a test user, you are able to use this mask for free.

14,Be sure to try this.

15,Ah?! Please come in!

about my mask2


16,Bko Ayama(24)

17, We worked her face to protect her privacy.

18, I have wanted to date with a man,
but I've been refused .

19,I hate cosmetic surgery and...

20,to remain single all my life!!!

21,You poor thing!

22, Leave it to me!

23,I cross your face with popular actresses' faces,
οοοο and ×××× on the computer.

24, How about this face?

25, It's me...?

26, Do you love it?

27, Yes!

28, I'll make this mask.

29, six months later

30, Bko ! What's happening?

31, You look pretty!

32, I changed my makeup.

33, Great!

34, Wow! I gained confidence when I changed my face.

35, ……

about my mask3


36, I'll suggest this plan to you.

37, If we meet customer's needs...

38, Ms.Ayama!

39, Cno? What's up?

40, W,well...

41, Go out with me!

42, To Ms.Masukawa. We got married.

43, Say,Bko!

44, Hm?

45, Our girl will be beautiful.

46, Because she takes after you!

47, I'm so happy that,

48, you haven't changed at all !

49, No!

50, No! Stop!

51, Professor Masukawa

52, I can't take responsibility for your child's face.

53, Why don't you tell the truth to your husband?

about my mask4


54, No, I won't!

55, I'm glad you are safe!

56, I was worried about you!

57, An operation was successful,but your face changed a little.

58, This is my old face!

59, My girl is like this by nature.

60, Oh, really?
She wore heavy make-up.

61, But I love you!

62, Darling!

63, The story ends happily.

64, I don't love such a story.

65, I hate my face!

66, I hate myself!

67, Hey! What's wrong?

68, The end.