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 publicity for a new comic1  publicity for a new comic2

"Yuna and the Kamen Vol.5", the final volume has released!

1, "Yuna and the Kamen Vol.5", the final volume has released!

2, When Yuna had been an elementary school student, her mother was killed by her brother.

3, Then she entered a high school. While she was bullied by her cousin and isolated,

4, Yuna's brother is a murderer!

5, Her face has changed!

6, she was looking for the truth of her mother's death…

7, My excellent masks whom I, Midori MASUKAWA made are doing well!

8, I am concerned about what happened to myself and TAKA!!

9, That's NOT such a story.

10, I think of the last part of this story.

11, The stories aren't linked up!

12, It was not good for me to make stories… To professional comic writers, thanks for making comics!

13, Translate them!

14, My sister translates my comic books into English.

15, I'm so sorry about that it took to publish this final volume.

16, This work has gone as I might have hoped. I'm very happy that you would read it! Thanks a lot!

e-book "Yuna and the Kamen Vol.5" is on sale in Amazon!

 publicity for a new comic

"The wedding of the Waters' witch" is launched!

1, "The wedding of the Waters' witch" is launched!

2, I'm Gray. My king told me,

3, The waters in the world are decreasing. So you will stop the wedding of the Waters'witch!

4, I go to the Waters' witch.

5, I'm Haru. I lead you to the Waters' witch.

6, I drew this comic in the form of American comics, so I made Paperback.

7, You can read. Probably.

8, I don't know because I haven't bought my comic yet.

9, I'm very worried about that…

10, Because you visit our Website every time, I could publish my new comic. I'm very happy. Thank you very much.

I think I entered Kindle Storyteller UK, 2019.
I don't have confidence in myself whether the system was set up exactly.
But you can see the story at Kindle store apart from the contest.
If you're interested in that, please come to see that.
Thank you!

e-book "The wedding of the Waters' witch." is on sale in Amazon!

Paperback "The wedding of the Waters' witch." is on sale in Amazon!

Web syte ofKindle Storyteller UK 2019

Please read my blog by machine translation.

Thanks for reading constantly!
Now I make a story which I will present to Kindle Storyteller 2019 writing competition on Amazon.co.uk.
I love the book, "THE LORD OF THE RINGS" by J.R.R Tolkien, so I'm going to present a fantasy work.
But English and French translation delay.
From now on, I'm going to write about my experience that I overcame atopic dermatitis used by lectin free method on my blog.
Please read my blog by machine translation. I'm sorry.
If you are interested, visit my blog! Thanks!!


The two moons

We'll start a new story in our blog.

Happy New Year!
We'll start a new story in our blog.
This is an adaptation of the old stories in the Izu Peninsula
(It lies 120 kilometers to the southwest from Tokyo.)
If you're free, please read it.


The illustration of Holidays.

Happy Holidays!

Thank you for your reading constantly!
We expect any comics and illustrations except for a top page will be delayed.
Sorry we can't update of a website.
We wish your persistence this year will pay off.

The starry sky's card

I've transfferedmy illustration to this blog!

Thank you for reading!
I'll transfer my illustrations from iichi to this blog one by one.
But I exhibit my old manga in our blog, I'm sorry, you're hard to read it.
We are having a hot summer this year.Thank you.


valentine's postcard

Happy Valentine's day!

Thank you very much for continuing to visit us.


New Year Manga

Happy New Year!

1, Happy New Year!

2, I'd like to let you know that...

3, Kyomi ORIME has redone her e-book, Denki and Consent vol.1

4, The contents of Part1,2 don't change so much.
She made changes to the pictures.

5, Part1 Denki meets Consent.(Refurbishment)
Part2 How come Consent moves?(Refurbishment)
Part3 Consent's left hand...
Part4 Consent's left hand...2

6, Did she change Part3? The pictures of Part3 are old, aren't they?

7, She said,"I won't change Part3 this time. Because I don't have much time."

8, Work harder!

9, Tell her that!

10, Thank you for reading this year!

I drew Denki and Consent Vol.1 in Manga form.
Please read from the upper right picture to the lower left one.
I will draw Denki and Consent in comic form after Vol.5.
Thank you.

"Denki and Consent 1" is on sale in Amazon!

Notification of a style of reading change.

Thank you for reading!
Please be advised that our comic book will change a style o reading on the top page on our web-site from November 1.
You will read from the upper left picture to the lower right one.
Because we would like to make a paper-book.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
We ask for your understanding regarding what happened and would be most grateful if you would continue reading Denki and Consent.
Kiyomi ORIME

a Book Cover of Denki and Consent3

Denki and Consent Vol.3

1, Denki and Consent Vol.3

2, I played an active part in this story... Hum? Denriki!

3, The lead in this story is...

4, This!!

5, What a cool robot!!

6, Well...

7, Thrill with horror!!

8, The lead in the story is me!

9, Eeek... She's mad!

10, Denki and Consent Vol.3 is on sale. We hope that you will read it!

"Denki and Consent 3" is on sale in Amazon!

summer greeting

How are you getting along with this hot weather?

Thank you very much for continuing to visit us.
We hope that you will have a good vacation!

I would like to sell this, a holiday greetings' picture.
If you are intersted, please contact us at iichi

postcard of Kanda Tezukuri Kobo

We'll show our hair accessories in Kamakura!

We'll show our hair accessories in Kamakura from this Friday, June 2 to next Tuesday, June 6 in 2017!

Location:"Gallery Yamago", 2-2-10 Komachi, Kamakura-City.

Time and date: From friday, June 2 to Tuesday June 6.
  From10:00 to 17:00(In final day it's held till 12:00)

This exhibition and sale is organized by Kanda Tezukuri Kobo that teach pottery at Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture.
You can see a wide variety of shape of pottery, birds or dinosaurs here.

Bags by a bag designer Akemi TANAKA will be decorated here.

Our, mi-ru ku-ru do's some new hair accessories wil show here, too!

We look forward to seeing you in Kamakura!
Thank you for reading!

announcememt of the eighth international handicraft competition

We join "the eighth international handicraft competition in Hokkaido"!

1, Fall,2015 Mt.Megami is the boundary between Gunma Prefecture and Nagano.

2, HAKOIDE is running.

3, I'm very happy!

4, Souta HAKOIDE is Denki's coworker.

5, Hum?!

6, Ah... You're a sheep in Hokkaido!

7, Oh... HAKOIDE!

8, I wanna take Handicraft Contest's information
to a hot-spring queen!

9, I'll go there with you!

10, In the underground of Mt.Megami.

11, He'll come back...?

12, No... I can't see him!

13, My queen will be absorbed in knitting...

14, Yes! So she won't play with us for the contest!

15, Ah, he comes back!

16, Do we go straight?

17, Yes, she lives over there!

18, Oh... Handmade competition will be in this summer in Hokkaido!!

19, I'll make my new work!

20, So we're joining Handicraft Contest at Shibetsu City in Hokkaido.

The eighth international handicraft competition.
Place : The Mansion of Sheep in the world, The Mansion of Sheep crafts of the world in Shibetsu City, Hokkaido.
Period: From June 18 to August 21.
I knitted a white dress embroidered wild roses and leaves.

a Book Cover of Denki and Consent2

This is my prize hat!

1, Denki and Consent Vol.2 will be released!

2, I went to meet my family and

3, Denki's family come in!

4, fought against an under pants thief!

5, I rescued Consent from a mysterious cherry tree!

6, Yes! I did well!

7, I did better than you!

8, Gyaah!

9, I hope you like this!

"Denki and Consent 2" is on sale in Amazon!

 Hat's picture

This is my prize hat!

Kishie Orime made the hat whom she visualized blue poppies
in the Himalayas covered with snow.

announcememt of AJC Creators' Collections' Exhibition 2016

We join "AJC Creators' Collections' Exhibition 2016"!

1, At the AJC Creators' Collections' Exhibition 2016 in Ueno, Tokyo...

2, We show the hat that exhibited in Italy, 2014!

3, Kishie Orime takes charge of making our works.
She made the hat she visualized blue poppies in the Himalayas covered with snow.

4, From March 23th (Wed.) to March 27th (Sun.), 2016...

5, at the 4th exhibition room on the 2nd floor of the Museum of
the Metropolitan Tokyo in Ueno,Tokyo.

6, Ueno... it's well known for pandas.

7, We become a panda skin pattern.

8, Let's advertise Ueno!

9, Hum?
What's this?

10, The above article used the brochure of The AJC Creators' Collections'
Exhibition 2016.

Hi I'm Kishie Orime!
I'm in charge of making our works.
The AJC Creators' Collections' Exhibition is from March 23th (Wed.) to March 27th (Sun.).
From 9:30 to 17:00.
(Admission is until 17:00.)
The final day is open from 9:30 to 14:00.
(Admission is until 13:30.)
This exhibition is free of charge.
The Museum of Metropolitan Tokyo, Ueno, Tokyo, Japan.
Thank you.