The two moons


The two moons.

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Once upon a time, a big snake appeared at the Basara mountain in Izu in Japan. It swallowed an expert archer who had been about to kill it off.  The two, his daughters destroyed it. Then peace finally returned to the village, but…  

At the present time, a younger sister of the sisters that had come from Tokyo began to say,  " I saw a big snake!" 

This was made by the old tales in Izu, Japan.







Rei's older sister. She is a serious girl who loves her sister. Her father is at work, so she comes with her sister, mother, and aunt to visit her mother's family.


Ri's younger sister. An indoor person who likes manga. She also hates insects and reptiles. As the saying goes, the more you hate something, the sooner you find it, and she was the first to find the giant snake.

mom & aunt

Mom's older sister. She lives in Tokyo. Her husband is also working, so she came to my parents' house with her sister and her sister's child. Mom: Ri and Rei's mom. She is a kind mother who loves her children. She hates snakes.

Kosugi & sis

Sisters created by the author from an old tale. They love their father and are hard workers.