Denki and Consent

Episode 22: Consent-Chan works part-time!

Please read from the upper left picture to the lower right one.

Denki and Consent   Consent-Chan works part-time!  P-01

1, No customers today...

2, I decorated this store prettily and

3, The taste of this pastry is perfect.

4, I wonder what I can do to get them to come...

5, Hmm?

Denki and Consent   Consent-Chan works part-time!  P-02

6, In Denki's apartment, Watagashi City, Tokyo

7, Close the lid and ... done!

8, ...done!

9, I made a rechargeable battery for Consent-chan lightning!

10, From now on I can eat my food safely.

11, Note: Consent-chan may discharge after a meal

12. Shall we go buy a cake? Hey, where's Consent-Chan?

13, Where did she go?

14, What?

To be continued ...

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