Denki and Consent

Episode 19: Supermarket URAMESHIYA

Please read from the upper left picture to the lower right one.

Denki and Consent   Supermarket URAMESHIYA P-01

1, It's a creepy supermarket....

2, A few hours ago...

Denki and Consent   Supermarket URAMESHIYA P-02

3, Souta Hakoide is Denki's colleague at work. He is currently running for fun.

4, You're a cat! You scared the hell out of me!

5, He's pretty scared.

6, I was surprised and thirsty.

7, Let's take a break.

8, Hmm?

9, What's with the frightening cards!

10, It's Denki's loyalty card from the supermarket. I wonder why it's in here.

Denki and Consent   Supermarket URAMESHIYA P-03

11, Without this card, Denki might be in trouble. Let's call him. Hello, I've got your supermarket loyalty card.

12, To: HAKOIDE Souta   Denki is at the supermarket now.

13, Oh, right, Consent is talking on a cell phone.

14, All right, let's get this card to Denki.

15, HAKOIDE Souta at present.

16, I don't really want to go into this supermarket.


To be continued…