From the author.

Thank you very much for visiting this page.


I'm ORIME Kiyomi, a self-taught artist who has been drawing for 30 years, has only stuffed animals as friends, and draws manga alone. 


 I have spent my childhood preferring to stay at home rather than play outside because of my physical weakness.

My family also liked to read books, so we had a lot of books and manga in our house. I naturally started practicing drawing, and around the age of 10, I started thinking up my own stories and drawing manga.


In the very famous Japanese manga "Demon Slayer", Ms. GOTOUGE writes, "Unlike water and food, manga is not necessarily necessary for survival. I think so too. Food is more important for survival.


However, I think it is very important for me to read stories to get away from my daily life and to protect my mind. For me, stories are indispensable.


Of these, manga is my favorite "tranquilizer" because it's easy to get into the story and doesn't take long to read.


I can't draw extreme or social stories, but I would like to draw stories where the main character has a happy ending, like going on an adventure with a friend's stuffed animal.


I know it is difficult to understand due to cultural and language differences, but I would be happy if my story could serve as a "tranquilizer" for those lonely people who are fighting alone.


Thank you for reading this far.

I wish you good health and happiness.



ORIME KiyomiはKiyoの名で日本語のマンガを出しております。