Denki and Consent


 Denki and Consent 1

Language : English French

One day Denki bought a coffee maker

because he had taken coffee beans for instant coffee.

But he saw a rabbit robot in the box!

Two of Denki that is an electrician's mate,

and Consent that is the rabbit robot get along...?





Denki and Consent 2

Language : English

Denki serves under a master electrician.

One day he found a rabbit robot in a coffee maker box

and named it Consent.

They get along with... but a new accident has happened!




Denki and Consent 3

Language : English

Denki trying to become an electrician and a rabbit robot, Consent,

that got out of a coffee maker box are caught up in various

incidents wherever they go...  




When Denki bought a coffee maker,

this robot was in the box.

It generates a thunder bolt,

whenever it doesn't like.

DO Denki

He works for KO-OTSU DENKI,

and is 2■ years old.

He found Consent in the coffee maker's box.

Denki's Family

DO Denkichi  (Denki's father): an instructor in kendo

DO Teruko (Denki's mother): a fan of baking cakes and cookies

DO Denriki (Denki's brother): an electrician


KO-OTSU Takumi : Denki's boss

HAKOIDE Souta : Denki's senior colleague, a fan of marathon