Yuna & The Kamen


Yuna & The Kamen 1

Yuna Umeno's mother was murdered by her brother,

Kenichi Umeno.

6 years later, she entered the high school in affiliation with

Tadano University with her cousin, Yuriko Ando.

Here she saw a teacher who made masks.

The masks were able to change their styles.  


Yuna & The Kamen 2

It was decided that Yuna Umeno would play the role in the school movie.

Naoki Take is a president and a cameraman of this club.

But he was confused when he was suddenly asked to play the starring role by Kurashima.

Yuriko Ando who is Yuna's cousin would plot to harass Yuna when she knew that

Yuna's brothar, Kenichi Umeno was missing after his having let out.  


Yuna & The Kamen 3

When Yuna Umeno was a child, her mother was killed by her brother,

Kenichi Umeno.

In July the summer holidays and shoothing a film started.

But on the first day an incident that the pane in the classroom

broke off happened.

Her cousin, Yuriko told everyone that Kenichi could have done that.

TAKA believed Yuriko, and then he told everybody that

Yuna's brother was a murderer on TV.  


Yuna & The  Kamen 4

In summer vacation, shooting the film started.

Yuna appeared on it, but the film was interrupted by someone several times.

Yuna and her brother Kenichi came under suspicion of them.

Kenichi said to Naoki,"I didn't kill my mother,

I think that true killer interrupted your film."

So he was about to prove it.

Meanwhile Yuna began to live in Prof.Masukawa's office in the university.

She was interested in that mask,"Another Face".

Then she went to meet an idol, Rikako Amemiya.  


Yuna & The Kamen 5

Yuna UMENO's brother killed their mother when she was a child. She entered high school, then it was decided that she appeared in the drama for this school's advertising in the high school.

But accidents occurred frequently during shooting the film, the rumor got around that Yuna's brother disturbed filming and Yuna was expelled from her uncle's house.

Yuna was at a loss but she was permitted staying at the laboratory by Midori MASUKAWA on the condition that she uses the mask,"The Another Face",that we could turn into another person.

Yuna spoke about the mask with Takako FUKAYA who had used it and she heard a person whose initials are KK, he had used the mask for 20 or more years, had killed someone in the past.

She has just thought of an idea that there is a connection between mother's death and MASUKAWA's mask...

While Yuna's brother, Kenichi lives with Naoki TAKE who is in the movie club in Yuna's school. Naoki was angry with Kenichi because Kenichi hurt a member of Naoki's club. But the next day Naoki noticed Prof. MASUKAWA had pretended to be Kenichi...  




Her mother was killed by Yuna's brother

when she was a pupil.

She entered a highschool and met a teacher who made masks.

The masks we're capable of changing their shapes.

TAKE Naoki

He majors in science and engineering.

A president of the film club.


A professor at Tadano University.

She makes masks there.

A former adviser to a film club.