In a future Tokyo, where disasters are common, the rich and big companies live in the sky. NOUNAI Senri joins RUOWA, a large pharmaceutical company, to cure his sister's incurable disease, but is assigned to the sales department instead of the new drug development department he had hoped for.

One day in early summer I got some green peas. These green peas are fertilizer-free and pesticide-free. Green peas are a type of green vegetable that is rich in minerals, but they also contain protein, which means they are good for vegans. This must be cooked quickly because once the beans are removed from the pods, they become hard.

NOUNAI Senri joins a large company, RUOWA, and goes to see AOBA, a world famous singer who says she buys the company's products the most. But there, he gets into a fight with her.

NOUNAI Senri joined RUOWA, a large company, and was doing well in sales at its moon branch office, but he offended AOBA, the company's biggest customer.

I am allergic to flour, but I still want to eat cake. I still use commercial pancake mix flour for my cakes.

While NOUNAI Senri was upsetting AOBA, a client of the large RUOWA company, his sister Mari was watching her friend Shun's spaceship race live on TV.

For Mother's Day 2022, we got our wish, a dacquoise from the rice flour candy store! There is a rice-flour pastry shop in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, made by the owner who is severely allergic to wheat flour. My neighbor bought it for me as a souvenir when she went to the Shodoshima Triennale! Kagawa Prefecture is famous for its udon noodles, and wheat flour is highly favored. However, this store uses rice flour instead of wheat flour. The outside looks like a cookie, but the inside is...

NOUNAI Senri joins a huge pharmaceutical company to cure his sister's incurable disease, and begins to show results as a salesman. Then, he goes to see AOBA, one of RUOWA's clients.

In Tokyo in the near future, Senri is trying to cure his sister's incurable disease and is able to achieve sales results at the Moon branch of RUOWA, a large company. Now he goes to meet AOBA, RUOWA's client.

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