I ordered some sweets for the tea party!

"Spring Road" Yokan

March 3 is the Girls' Festival, the Dolls' Festival.


It is said that this festival was introduced to the common people from the Emperor's family and others during the Meiji period.


The origin is not well understood, but it may be that the common people just wanted to eat good food.


Dolls dressed in upper-class wedding attire are arranged and decorated with peach blossoms to celebrate the girl.


It is a scary festival for careless people who forget to put away their dolls, as it is said that if they forget to put away their dolls, they will not get married.


Bought some very beautiful yokan today!

This is a yokan from a Japanese confectionery in Nagoya.


It's such a waste of food!


My mother also made chirashi sushi today.

I'm so glad I was born a girl!