Bad Cooking Diary

Sweet summer orange marmalade

Sweet summer fruits arrived from Akinori Kimura's store, which produced apples without fertilizers or pesticides.


Summer tangerines are said to have originated in Japan during the Edo period, when seeds drifted ashore on the coast of Yamaguchi Prefecture and were planted.

This is sour.


It is no wonder that summer tangerines were used as vinegar at that time.


My mother made marmalade from these summer oranges because the peel is said to help the stomach.

Cut the peels of 2 summer oranges into small pieces and boil them softly with salt.

The fruit is also removed from the bag and placed in the pot along with the peels mentioned above.

Gradually add half the weight of sugar of the summer oranges.

When you can see the bottom of the pot, it's ready!


It was a delicious, slightly bitter marmalade!