I ordered some sweets for the tea party!!

Rice Flour Pizza

It has been five years now since I found out I am allergic to wheat flour.


I had pizza for the first time since I stopped eating flour!


In the old days, bread was spread with pizza sauce and baked with cheese, tomatoes and green peppers on top.


However, it was Western-style dishes such as pizza and spaghetti that I stayed away from the most after I stopped eating flour.


This time my sister ordered a flour, milk and egg free pizza.

My sister ordered this pizza from a company in Aichi, Japan with Rakuten.


Aichi Prefecture seems to be unusually active in allergy research in Japan.


This was delivered frozen.

Thaw it at room temperature for 2 hours and bake it in the oven at 200°C for 20 minutes.


This is delicious!


However, for those accustomed to eating flour, it may seem a little less like pizza.


This is as refreshing as a rice cracker.


This is expensive and I don't always get to eat it, but I'll take my precious pizza any day of the week and I'm happy to oblige!