Diary of bad cooking

Patisserie Smida's Dacquoise

For Mother's Day 2022, we got our wish, a dacquoise from the rice flour candy store!


There is a rice-flour pastry shop in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, made by the owner who is severely allergic to wheat flour.


My neighbor bought it for me as a souvenir when she went to the Shodoshima Triennale!


Kagawa Prefecture is famous for its udon noodles, and wheat flour is highly favored.


However, this store uses rice flour instead of wheat flour. The outside looks like a cookie, but the inside is like a cake.

Dacquoise is a pastry made with meringue and almond flour.


I too am allergic to wheat flour, so it was with great pleasure that I got some of their treats!

It is a cake-like pastry that you would never guess has no flour in it!


It is made with Kagawa rice and kiwi.


The kiwi cream is sandwiched between the two.

Not very sweet, but delicious!


Just in time, because Sunday was Mother's Day, we all got these treats!


I'm very satisfied!