Diary of bad cooking

Kuradashi baked sweet potato "KAITSUKA" baked sweet potato

A baked sweet potato recently arrived from a relative.


KAITSUKA is a store that handles everything from growing sweet potatoes to making baked potatoes in-house.


These baked potatoes arrived frozen.

Sweet potatoes are usually harvested in the fall, so I never thought I would be able to enjoy baked sweet potatoes at this time of year. I am surprised.


I have the impression that fuel price or baked potatoes are very expensive.


This is a neat package.

Heat this in a microwave oven.


These are so sweet and soft! They are like candy!


The sweet potatoes I made when I was in kindergarten were stringy and hard to eat. It is hard to make sweet potatoes, isn't it?

This baked sweet potato is also available by mail order, so I thought I would send it to a friend next time.


For a cartoon about my sister's sweet potatoes, see here.


My sister and I both love sweet potatoes, so we were very happy with this gift.