Diary of bad cooking

Dried plums 2022!

June. An annual event. It is the season for making pickled plums.


The Japanese go to great lengths to make ume, something that would otherwise be inedible, edible.


But it's worth the trouble, and the plums have plenty of benefits!


I don't get heat stroke every year thanks to dried plums!

Remove the heft from 1 kg of plums and soak them in water overnight.

In a plastic bag, mix salt and plums well.


Once the water begins to rise, the plums will be stored in the refrigerator because mold will grow on them.


Generally, the water will begin to rise from the plums within a day.

This water is drunk as ume vinegar, mixed with soda water.




Might as well stick to pickled plums with salt!


Plums are so economical because there's nowhere to throw them away! I'm satisfied!