Diary of bad cooking

Dried horse mackerel from Yamaroku Dried Fish Store

Twice a year, people in Japan give gifts to those who have taken care of them.


Every year, I look forward to these dried horse mackerels.

In Izu, where my mother grew up, the specialties are tangerines and fish.


In Izu, dried fish is always served for breakfast when staying at a ryokan.


Dried fish is made by removing the guts from the fish, opening it, sprinkling salt on it, and drying it.


Surprisingly, this is not a long term storage.

Place dried horse mackerel in a paper-lined frying pan over medium heat.

Very tasty with oil on it!


I've never made my own dried fish, but I'm always up for some!


I am afraid that if I make my own dried fish, I will hate dried fish.