Diary of bad cooking

Pickles made from the juice after washing rice by Ms.  Kuruma Ukiyo

I am reading "Food Curing for the People of Edo" written by Kuruma Ukiyo.


The part I am reading now is that people in the Edo period did not throw away the water after washing rice.


It is said that Edo was a recycling nation, and the water after washing rice was not thrown away but used for everything.

I cut cucumbers and one third of a carrot into pieces and mixed 2 teaspoons of salt with 2 cups of rice water.


In fact, they say it is good to put on a variety of vegetables.


The juice after washing rice contains natural surfactants, so they used it for washing clothes and other purposes.


My mother also said that when she washed rice, it made her skin moist. According to the book, the water after washing rice contains beauty ingredients.


I have been throwing away the water after washing rice for a while now, so I am glad to see that there seems to be less waste.


I have yet to try these pickles.


I could be a beauty with these pickles.