Review a Harlequin novel.

"A sweet Addiction"

When my mother was young, there was a book that she found in the mailbox of our apartment complex.


My mother read the novel and was hooked.


She even stayed up all night reading for three days.


That is the Harlequin novel.


I heard that they published about 6 books every month.


So, I have so many books in my house.


It's hard to clean up. The books have turned yellow and cannot be sold, so they must be converted to electronic.


Before I do, I decided to write a book review.


Today we have "A sweet Addiction" by Charlotte Lamb!

Sophie's unrequited love has gotten engaged to someone else. She wants to get home early from that engagement party. So, her boss, who is always hard on her, offers to give her a ride home, but she doesn't refuse and drives home in his car. In fact, he also liked her unrequited love's partner. Her boss was pressing her to be friends with the same heartbroken person. Once she refuses, but then she starts to be interested in her boss.


The story was that after being dumped, a wonderful person would appear.


You might as well take the plunge and dump your unrequited love.


I don't want to, because I can't get back up.