Review a Harlequin novel.


When my mother was young, there was a book that she found in the mailbox of our apartment complex.


My mother read the novel and was hooked.


She even stayed up all night reading for three days.


That is the Harlequin novel.


I heard that they published about 6 books every month.


So, I have so many books in my house.


It's hard to clean up. The books have turned yellow and cannot be sold, so they must be converted to electronic.


Before I do, I decided to write a book review.


Today we have "Dreaming" by Charlotte Lamb from 1993.

At dusk, painter Zakari West was heading to London with his paintings for his own solo exhibition. While he was driving, something white passed in front of him. It was a woman in a white dress. While admiring the fairy-like woman, he collided with a car coming from in front of him, causing the car to catch fire, his work to burn, and himself to receive severe burns. He loses consciousness, and the woman in the white dress appears before him. 


Meanwhile, Louisa, a nurse at the hospital where Zakari-West was taken, fell in love at first sight with the burned Zakari. However, when Zakari wakes up and finds out the truth, Louisa is worried that he will hate her.


The reason why is because it was her father who was driving the car that rear-ended Zakari.


I couldn't take my eyes off the perpetrator's daughter and the victim to see if they would become a couple.


Moreover, Zakari-West's preference for women is different from Louisa's, which shows that people's preferences change.


We need to find someone who is defensive.