The Ring of Power

The Ring of Power is available on Amazon today.

It seems to be a story from the second period of the Middle Earth Sun by the great writer J.R.RTolkien.


The Lord of the Rings, which became a movie, seems to have been the Tertiary, since mankind emerged.

The third period ended with the nasty ring of power being destroyed by a small race of hobbits.


In the upcoming story, out of the history of wars in Middle-earth, a war breaks out to stop the evil king Sauron from creating the One Ring and controlling the elves and dwarves.


In Middle-earth, there were initially two gods, one higher and one lower.

Some of the senior deities had bad ideas and were repeatedly in conflict with the good ideas.


Gandalf is said to be a lower class god.


The gods created elves and dwarves and loved them.


They built for them two towers or trees of light to illuminate the darkness.

However, the god with bad ideas also created his own bad things (like spiders) and established a country in the East. The bad god at this time is Morgoth, Sauron's boss in the Lord of the Rings. Morgoth also topples towers of light and trees.


The gods were angry and flew Morgoth away into the void. Later, Sauron, his second-in-command, changed his name and began to trick the elves into making a single ring.


The story changes, and for some reason, the Númenor, a race of people who live longer than humans, create an island in the western part of Middle-earth.

Gods love them too.


In the meantime, a ring is made, which angers the elves, dwarves, and Numenorites, who capture Sauron.


However, Sauron, who is supposed to have captured them, manipulates the Númenorites with his words and makes them attack the gods.


The gods are angry and war breaks out again. In the end, the human king Isildur cuts the ring from Sauron's finger.

It will then be followed by the film The Lord of the Rings.


I was able to read, in the Dictionary of the Lord of the Rings, to the story "The Lord of the Rings.


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