Review a Harlequin novel.

When my mother was young, there was a book that she found in the mailbox of our apartment complex.


My mother read the novel and was hooked.


She even stayed up all night reading for three days.


That is the Harlequin novel.


I heard that they published about 6 books every month.


So, I have so many books in my house.


It's hard to clean up. The books have turned yellow and cannot be sold, so they must be converted to electronic.


Today we have "The Light Within" by Yvonne Whittal from 1984.

Roxy has been unsure of herself since she lost her sight in an accident as a child, gave up on love and marriage, and worked translating Braille and encouraging hospitalized patients who had lost their sight.


One day, she falls in love with a man who is a client of her father's who was a lawyer. He was so natural to her, even though she was blind, that she wanted to marry him.


However, she is deeply hurt when she learns at a friend's party that his relationship with her was just for fun.


She then decides to undergo a surgery that might cure her blindness.


It was a difficult surgery.



I couldn't take my eyes off of her to see if she could overcome her own inferiority complex of being blind.


I found out that if you don't have confidence in yourself, you will lose love and your job. As it turns out, lack of self-confidence and a sense of worthlessness doesn't help.