Review a Harlequin novel.

When my mother was young, there was a book that she found in the mailbox of our apartment complex.


My mother read the novel and was hooked.


She even stayed up all night reading for three days.


That is the Harlequin novel.


I heard that they published about 6 books every month.


So, I have so many books in my house.


It's hard to clean up. The books have turned yellow and cannot be sold, so they must be converted to electronic.


Before I do, I decided to write a book review.

Forgotten Love
Forgotten Love

Today we have "Forgotten Love" by Nicola West from 1991.


Finella has lost her memory in an accident. She is irresistibly attracted to a man in a wheelchair she meets at a sanatorium. He is a historian by the name of Robert and is writing a book, and he was just looking for a secretary, so Finella becomes his secretary.


Before the accident, she seemed to have lived alone in her whole life and had no friends or acquaintances at all. She made friends while working as Robert's new secretary.


Finella, however, would rather stay with the difficult Robert than have fun with her new friend.

Even if those around them think they are a good match, who knows how they feel about each other?


Finella has amnesia, but she remembered her work before the accident.


If this were dementia, the horror would be immense.