Diary of bad cooking

Inagi Pear 2022

At last, pears!


Pears produced in Inagi City, Tokyo are fresh and very tasty!


I'm very happy that Inagi City, being so close to the heart of the city and in a place where it's murderously hot every year, is producing pears!


The small ones are called 20th Century Pears, and the rest are called Kosui Pears.

Pears are 90 percent water, which moistens the lungs.


It is a perfect food for the dry Japanese autumn.


Aside from myself, my asthmatic sister Kiyo needs to eat more.

After all, pears eaten raw are the best!

In China, it is said that it has a strong cooling effect on the body, so people with sensitivity to cold should be careful not to eat too much.


However, I thought it was the perfect fruit to feed someone with a cold!