Review a Harlequin novel.

Enter My Jungle by Lindsay Armstrong

When my mother was young, there was a book that she found in the mailbox of our apartment complex.


My mother read the novel and was hooked.


She even stayed up all night reading for three days.


That is the Harlequin novel.


I heard that they published about 6 books every month.


So, I have so many books in my house.


It's hard to clean up. The books have turned yellow and cannot be sold, so they must be converted to electronic.


Before I do, I decided to write a book review.


Enter My Jungle by Lindsay Armstrong 

Harlequin Enterprises 1984

Miranda came out of the country to Brisbane, Australia to be a secretary.


She gets into a car accident there.


Lawsuits had left her with no money, so she decided to become a housekeeper because she was so good at housework!


Nicholas, a lawyer, hired her.


He was the one who made fun of her during her car accident trial, saying that her extenuating circumstances were because she was a beautiful and manly woman!


But surprisingly, Nicholas was kind, and Miranda soon fell in love with him!


Eventually, Nicholas asks Miranda to marry him.


The reason seems to be that his sister was heartbroken and sick and thought Miranda could be her friend!


It wasn't clear to me whether Nicholas liked Miranda or not.


I felt sorry for Miranda because she was getting anxious.


I thought the pavlova looked delicious with the kiwi on top!