ozoni this New Year

Today, I would like to talk about rice cakes, which I could not find this New Year.

Mochi is something I would like to eat every day, but you know, it's not easy to eat. Especially if you have a tooth, like a carious tooth, it's not good.


Mochi is a dangerous food.


However, I heard that there is a rice cake that is made to be easily cut!

I tried to find it. I couldn't find it after all.


However one of our neighbors gave us some kakina, a specialty of Izu, so we decided to make ozoni.

kakina:specialty of Izu
kakina:specialty of Izu

But I was worried about my teeth, so my mother thought of mixing in the taro that had boiled in Ms. Okuzono book.

Boil about four taros and put them in the microwave with three cut rice cakes for about four minutes.

I mushed it up, tore it into pieces and put it in a bowl, and added kakina soup on top.


Kakina is a specialty of Izu, boiled in greens and soaked in water overnight to remove the lye.


Then chicken and fried tofu are added and flavored with soy sauce.

I am worried about my teeth, but I can eat the rice cake without difficulty.


Next time, I want to do it with sweet potatoes!

Tokyo in the near future. The rich live in the sky to avoid disasters and epidemics.


NOUNAI Senri joins RUOWA, a large company in the sky, to cure his sister's incurable disease, but his body becomes weak after he takes RUOWA Metal, the company's drink.


NOUNAI SenrI is looking for information on the daughter of the last user, security guard TAKAYAMA, in DATE's lab.