We saw a giant lotus in Tokyo Fuchu!

Lotus flowers in Fuchu Local Forest Park, Tokyo, June 2024.


These are about 30 cm in size, just like a small watermelon!

It was like a heavenly sight and many people were gazing at its beauty.


Beautiful and overwhelming.


I am still looking forward to seeing them as they are about to bloom!

Tokyo in the Near Future


NOUNAI Senri joins the big pharmaceutical company RUOWA to cure his sister's incurable disease, but his body becomes weak after he takes the company's RUOWA Metal, a drug that turns muscle into metal. In order to hide the side effects of the drug, he is ordered by the company to kill people who are suffering from the same side effects. The last user of the drug RUOWA Metal was Takayama Eiki, who is now missing. Will he be able to disclose this side effect to the world?


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